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delicious. het kookboek!  |  Wannée  |  Seasons |  Modernist Cuisine  |  Jamie’s 30 minute meals
Burgermeester |  Het grote kookboek  |  Homemade

A selection of my favourite cookbooks. Because I LOVE cooking. I can spent all day long in a bookshop looking through cookbooks, can’t decide which one is my most favourite and which one to buy… I already own the Wannée cookbook and Jamie’s 30 minute meals. My next buy: Delicious, het kookboek! If I had the money, I would definitely buy Modernist Culinair, probably the most beautiful cookbook I have ever seen.

What’s your favourite cookbook? 

Delicious. het kookboek! – Valli Little  //  
Delicious. het kookboek! is the cookbook of culinary magazine Delicious. With 120 recipes for each season. As the name says, the recipes are absolutely delicious!

Wannée – C.J. Wannée  //  Is the perfect cookbook when you need to learn the basics of cooking.

Seasons (seizoenskookboek) – Donna Hay  //  Cookbook of Donna Hay with recipes for meals with seasonal ingredients, which means you will always be eating fresh food. With gorgeous photography and delicious recipes.

Modernist Cuisine, the art and science of cooking – Nathan Myhrvold  //  I discovered this book last summer at culinair event Taste of Amsterdam (you really need to go here if you love food), and immediately felt in love. I have never seen a cookbook like this before, with absolutely stunning pictures, but most important: the science of cooking. How do you make an omelet light and ten­der on the out­side but rich and creamy inside? Or French fries with a light and fluffy inte­rior and a del­i­cate, crisp crust that doesn’t go soggy? Imagine being able to cre­ate a silky-smooth pis­ta­chio cream made from noth­ing more than the nuts them­selves. Modernist Cuisine offers step-by-step, illus­trated instruc­tions as well as clear expla­na­tions of how these tech­niques work.

Jamie’s 30 minute meals (Jamie in 30 minuten) – Jamie Oliver  //  This is by far my most favourite cookbook of Jamie Oliver, not only because the recipes are quick & easy (all meals, including desert! are made within 30 minutes), but also because the recipes are so delicious. Oh yum, I want to try them all!

Burgermeester kookboek  //  First cookbook of burger restaurant Burgermeester in Amsterdam. You can eat all kinds of burgers at Burgermeester, from classic beef burger to salmon burger, from spanish lamb burger to feta burger… When you’re ever in Amsterdam, don’t forget to try their burgers! I always take 3 mini burgers, so I can choose 3 different kinds of burgers.  In this cookbook you can find the recipes for their burgers, so you can make your own perfect burgers at home.

Het grote kookboek – Grimes  //  Just like Wannée this is also a cookbook with the basics of cooking. How do you make bouillon, bread or pasta and how can you see if the eggs are still fresh? In this cookbook you get the answer to all these questions and more.

Homemade – Yvette van Boven  //  Cookbook with over 200 from scratch recipes. How do you make your own cheese, jam or bread? I love to make food from scratch when I have the time. It tastes so much better than when you buy it in the supermarket.



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